On The Radar

On The Radar


On The Radar is a program that is created to promote youth voice. The program was founded on the principle that in many cases youth do not have a voice on topics, policies, or issues that directly affect them. On The Radar challenges that idea by giving youth the opportunity to actively voice their opinions, thoughts, and views in a safe environment. The program is targeted towards youth in-between the ages of 13-17.


The purpose of On The Radar is to engage in consistent discussions to find out what’s important in the lives of youth. In these discussions youth will never be asked to filter their thoughts, or given the impression of what they have to say is irrelevant. The discussions are intended to teach and practice critical thinking. On The Radar supports the idea that in order to direct positive thinking, an individual first have to feel affirmed. One of the key elements to empowering youth is meeting them where they are.


On The Radar is committed to teaching youth effective social skills needed to fully express themselves, in a productive and effective manner. At the same time, it is also promoting communication skills that are geared towards self-advocating.


To provide a forum for youth to have empowering open discussions about social justice and community enrichment. Facilitating and harvesting positive group norms that youth will be able to take with them as they move further into adulthood.



Equipping youth with the skills necessary to self-advocate.


Engaging in discussions that provoke awareness and self-reflection.


Being dedicated to improving social justice, and staying consistently committed to being a positive influence in the lives of youth.

Youth Leadership

Youth are the future, and their opinions, thoughts, and views should be acknowledged as such.


Through the power community; change can happen, and by working together we can create a place where leaders are born.