TeWan interviewed by Ann

TeWan Rolax is 15 years old and has lived in Ypsilanti his entire life. TeWan’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese. He hates pasta salad! TeWan loves to play football. This fall he’ll be a freshman in high school and will play running back on his school’s junior varsity football team. He’s hit some golf balls, but never played a game of golf. Golf is the sport he’s most like to try out. TeWan has visited Kentucky, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. If he could visit any place in the United States, TeWan would pick California. In his spare time, TeWan likes to play football and talk to girls.  His favorite subject in school is math. TeWan is right-handed and his favorite color is red. TeWan’s favorite professional sports teams are the Baltimore Ravens and Oklahoma City Thunder.  He enjoys Subway’s ham and cheese sub on toasted cheddar bread and stuffed crust cheese and pepperoni pizza. He hopes to play professional football some day and then be a NFL coach. One movie he wants to see this summer is The Purge.

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