Steven interviews Joseph

1. Josephs’ dream Job is “working at a coffee shop for the next couple years.”

2 Joseph favorite thing to do in his Spare time is “cycling”.

3 When asked, “whats your favorite sport, Joseph said,  “cycling  -racing and performances”

4 What’s your favorite color? “Purple,” Joseph responded.

5 His favorite book is “The Disappearing Spoon”.

6 Joseph’s favorite form of communication is “Face to Face”.

7 How did you first start working at Dedicated to Make a Change? “Hanging with Nils, Gail’s son, at EMU”.

8. Joseph’s favorite TV shows are “Dexter or Dr.Who”.
9 On a scale of 1-100 how awesome are you?  He said “81”.

10 Joseph’s favorite restaurant is “Bomber”.

11 What weather do you hate the most? “Heat, summer time are weather I hate”

12 When is your birthday? Joseph is a winter baby, “12/18.”

13 What animal are you? I am a homonculus a specie that generates”.

14 Favorite beverage is “Kenyan coffee”.

15 Worst subject is “speech” during school.

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