Saviontray interviews DeShawn

What is your fav color? “My fav color is red”.

What is your shoe size? “My shoe size is 11/1/2-12.

What kind of Shoe’s you like? “The kind of shoe’s I like is nike.

What kind of clothes do you like? “My fav kind of clothes is nike”.

What is your goal in life? “My goal in life in life is to go to collage”.

What is your hobby? “My hobby is playing basketball”.

When where you born? “ I was born Feb.12 1998”.

What is your fav food? “My fav food is pizza”.

What is your fav game system? “My fav game system is X-Box 360”.

What is your fav game? “My fav game is 2k14”.

Who is your fav actor? “My fav actor is Tyler Parry”.

Where is your place to eat? “My fav Place to eat is Bw3”.

What is your fav song? “My fav song is show the world”.

What is your middle name? “My middle name is Mike”.

What is your nickname? “My nickname is Sammy Sosa”.

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