Prevent & Prevail had a pretty information-dense session this week. Our trainers brought in all their expertise and our facilitators took in a lot of new knowledge along with a more in-depth understanding of information they were already familiar with.

First, Chloe presented information about birth control methods. We compared the different characteristics of different categories and kinds of birth control and talked about the strategic, economic and cultural factors that go into deciding which kinds of birth control will work for a particular person or couple. She also provided information about abortion, including research and statistics that helped create a better understanding of how those same factors influence decisions about abortion too. Over the course of both presentations, she made sure facilitators were also learning about skills for facilitating conversations about controversial topics and making everyone in the room feel heard and respected.

After Chloe, Jorge talked about STIs, STDs and HIV. He created a chart demonstrating known and possible risks for several of the most common STIs and how they can be contracted, then went into detail about the ways someone can (and cannot) contract HIV, and what the current medical picture for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV looks like. He led what can be an uncomfortable discussion with compassion and humor, and showed how charts like the one he used can help clarify information when there’s a lot to get through and a lot to take in.

Every week our facilitators become better-prepared to lead the discussions ahead for Prevent & Prevail. This coming Monday is our final training session before the official sessions start. Tune back in soon to hear about it, and get ready for the start of one of the programs we’re most excited about!

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