Montasia interviews Melinda

1. When is your birthday?” My birthday is April 12, 1997.”
2. How old are you?” I am 17 years old”.
3.What is your favorite food?” cheese pizza rolls.
4.What is your favorite color?” pink”
5.What do you want in life?” to be overall successful.”
6.What do you like to do?” I like to sing and dance”.
7. What school do you go to?” I graduate from WSC Academy, but plan on going to Ross.”
8. is your favorite car?” A Range Rover  or Hummer, big trucks.”
9. What is your favorite sport? “I don’t play sports, but like watching basketball.”
10.What is your favorite  restaurant? “My favorite restaurant is Apple bees.”
11. Who is your idol and why? “My mom is my idol because she raised 5 kids by herself.”
12. What is your favorite song?” Complicated- by Nivea.”
13.What is your favorite movie? “My favorite movie is  ATL.”
14. Where are you from? “I’m from Ypsilanti Michigan”.
15. What is your biggest achievement you’ve made in life already? That I graduate a year earlier than others
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