Melinda interviews Montasia

When’s your birthday? “July 27th,1999”
How old are you? “I’m 15”
What’s your favorite food? “Pepperoni pizza rolls.”
What’s your favorite color? “Pink”
What do you want out of life? “I want to be a first grade teacher or an actress”
What do you like to do? “Cheer because I was a cheerleader”
What school do you go to? “I go to Belleville High School.”
What’s your favorite car? “A buggatti or a mustang.”
What’s your favorite sport? “My favorite sport is football.”
What’s your favorite restaurant? “My favorite restaurant is El’ Georges.”
Who’s your idol and why? “Trey Songs is my idol because he so fine.”
What’s you favorite song? “Who do you love or stay.”
What’s your favorite movie? “Love and basketball, I love that movie.”
Where are you from? “Muskegon.”
What’s your biggest achievement you’ve made in life so far? “I guess knowing that I want to go to Western in Kalamazoo.”
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