Megan Interviews Michele

  1. What is your full name? “My full name is Michele Diane Dodson.”
  2. Where were you born? “I was born in Detroit, Michigan, at Grace Northwest Hospital.”
  3. Where do you live now? “I currently live in Lincoln Park, Michigan.”
  4. What plant would you be if you could be any plant? “I would be an Aloe Vera plant.”
  5. Who is in your family? “In my family, I have a husband, three children, my two parents, two sisters and one brother.”
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? “In five years, I see myself having my masters degree in social work, and I see myself working at a job I love.”
  7. Do you like going barefoot or wearing shoes? “I like wearing shoes, but I hate wearing socks.”
  8. Do you have a favorite food? “I really love any kind of cheese.”
  9. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town? “I would rather live in a big city, because of the diversity.”
  10. What was your first job? “My first job was being a hostess at Denny’s.”
  11. Have you ever been to a foreign country? “I have been to Windsor and Toronto in Canada.”
  12. Do you like older or newer houses? “I live older houses that are in good condition.”
  13. Do you have any career goals, and if so, what are they? “ I want to be a social worker, especially one who does community service work.”
  14. What is your favorite movie? “I love any movies by the Coen brothers.”
  15. If you were to get a tattoo, what would you get? “If I were to get another tattoo, I would get a Chrysanthemum on my stomach.”
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