Maia Interviewing Devyn

  1. What is your favorite color? “My favorite color is Red.”

  2. What is your father’s full name? ”My father’s full name is Carlos Carthage.”

  3. What is your favorite food? “My favorite food is Pizza.”

  4. What is your mother’s full name? “My mother’s full name is Sandra Carthage.”

  5. What are you gonna do after High School? “I am going to attend College.”

  6. What would you do with $500? “ I would spend $500 on candy.”

  7. What is your ethnicity? “My ethnicity is black and white.”

  8. What color roses would you want? “I would prefer my roses white.”

  9. Where do you wanna live after High School? “After High School I’d like to live in Mexico.”

  10. What is your favorite animal? “My favorite animal would be Lion.”

  11. Where were you born? “I was born in Ann Arbor,MI.”

  12. When is your birthday? “My birthday is August 24th.”

  13. How many brothers do you have? “I have 2 brothers.”

  14. What school will you be going to in the Fall? “I will be attending Lincoln High School.”

  15. How many sisters do you have? “I have zero sisters.”

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