I saw a small light in the parking lot. It was a very dark night. It was raining and I started to hear chanting, of strange words. All of a sudden I saw Zar’Reia she was holding a light. She was very scared because she had just got off work. Nobody was around so she thought she was fine, all of a sudden she started to hear quiet voices. Zar’Reia stopped and took a deep breath, and panicked. Whose there she asked? It was silent, so without hesitation she took off running.  She ran all the way until she got home, she went home sighed and jumped right in her bed and went to sleep.

When I heard the loud chanting, stopped paused and noticed that Zar’Reia was gone . I cried and said please don’t hurt me , show yourself . A tall white guy, he was trying to rob me, I said what do you want? He said your purse, i said okay follow me, he followed me. As soon as he started walking behind me, I ran back to Zar’Reia’s house climbed in the window and went right to bed.

Kwaylin Coats

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