Hello, My name is Kwaylin Coats and I am a freshman at Ypsilanti Community High school. Im The Oldest out of all my siblings. Im currently staying with my mom & two little brothers . My favorites are and movies , Hanging out with my friends “fab four”. I am a singer,dancer , and do part time modeling for John Casablancas Modeling Agency.

I have a job, I am apart of the Hope Scholarship program. I first started off by coming once in the summer with a friend of mine, Zar-Reia, to an Dedicated To Make A Change event. On my first day I came just to check everything out and to see if I liked it. Everybody here was just really kind and friendly to me, I felt welcomed. Now were back in school and working with the Hope Scholarship Program. Everyday after school, I come to the Clubhouse to work. We do lots of fun things here, but I’m also learning while having fun and getting paid . I’m really glad to have met Gail, she is helping me out a lot with learning how to be a successful young lady.


K- karate was a big part of my life when I was younger

W- when i was grow up i want to be successful

A-Attitude is a huge thing I have to work on

Y- yellow is a color that best fits me

L- love is my most strongest trait

I- Intelligent girls , are always the best ones

N- Not Trying , is always the worst mistake .


A picture of Kwaylin to accompany her introduction

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