Hope Scholarship Program and Me


Posted on November 26, 2013

I have been a part of the hope scholarship program for a month now and it is really an awesome project. Most kids can’t really find something to do, that’s legal, makes money, something to do after school, that’s fun or helping them out in their lives. Being in high school in Ypsilanti there is not enough support out here for the teens , that want to make money and get educated. Working with the Hope Scholar Ship program makes earning money and getting educated possible.

The pros about working is I’m learning new things everyday. Im surrounded by people who actually care about their future, and want to make a change. It’s only two hours a day,so that means I make ten bucks a day. The Clubhouse is a substance free place and we don’t judge anybody that is here. We most likely stay out of trouble during the week because right after school , we have to work and it’s helping me, personally, stay out of trouble, and focus more on my school work. We learn about our bodies , sex , violence and relationships, stuff that our teachers do not really or generally talk about in school.

These topics are really important. I also work on algebra, writing, and poetry. There really are not any cons, about working with Gail with the program . I appreciate this program because Im staying out a lot of trouble, making easy money, and learning a lot of new things when I am here .


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