Being in HOPE scholarship is good for me because I can learn things that I never new before. Hope scholarship helps me and not get in trouble. I am learning how to be smarter with my money and save. Also I can be a kid and a young adult at the same time. These are the reasons i enjoy and the things I learned from being here.

Hope scholarship helps me stay busy and not get in trouble. When I say that I mean by coming here I cannot be out on the streets doing what I am not supposed to. I have a place to be when I get angry and/or whatever instead of being on the streets. Also keeping myself entertained on the side. This kind of might not explain what I learned but honestly I have learned a lot because its teaching me to be a young individual that is responsible for my actions instead of a young individual who doesn’t own up to them.

Lastly I am learning how to be smart with money and save. When i have money I usually always spend it and never have any left but now it’s to the point where i still have money because I save. By putting money in the bank I don’t always want to spend, spend, spend like some people say out of site out of mind. It’s better for me to put up money for up coming events so i don’t have to ask my mom. I am so very glad and happy to be in the hope scholarship because if I wasn’t I don’t think I would have managed any of this.

ZarReia Brand

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