Experience with Prevent and Prevail

During these sessions at prevent and prevail I have learned a lot of new things. We talked about safe sex,what causes pregnancy , how to avoid it, the different forms of birth control , just things that we were not learning in school. There was people from ages 19 and under in the room besides the facilitators. Nobody in the room was judging each other we were all very anxious to see what one another had to say. The things we talked about was confidential, and you did not have to speak about anything personal. While we were doing this program for two hours a day, we got 10 dollars at the end , if you behaved well. We all were able to be together in a room as random teens who wants to know about how to be safe. It actually made a big impact on myself joining this program and I’m glad did. Now I know how to protect myself at all times, and make smart decisions.

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