Dominick interviews Justin

Whats your middle name? “ My middle name is Lawrence.”

Whats your favorite sport? “ My favorite sport is basketball.”

How many times  have you moved? “ I have moved 3 times.”

Whats your favorite restaurant? “ My favorite restaurant is Tonys.”

Whats your favorite type of movie? “ My favorite type of movie is action.”

What do you want to be when your 37? “ I want to be rich.”

Whats your favorite type of car? “ My favorite car is a  Lamborghini.”

How tall are you? “ Im 5ft 6.”

What hospital were you born in? “ I was born in Saint Joe s hospital.”

Whats your favorite shoe brand? “ My favorite shoe brand is Nike.”

Where do you want to go? “ I want to go to Japan.”

How many states have you been to? “ I have been to 5 states.”

Have you been out of state? “ I have been to Canada.”

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