Community Trainings

DTMAC is pleased to offer Community Trainings on an array of topics pertinent to the work we do. All our trainings are tailored to the specific requirements for the organization, school, or group.  Gail Wolkoff believes that after attending a training, the attendee should have usable skills and knowledge which can be assimilated and put immediately into practice. All trainings include these three components:

  • Youth leaders who co-lead the workshops with adult mentors.
  • Participatory activities that make the trainings engaging, hands-on and non-didactic.
  • Food for snacking. It may seem inconsequential, but young people (and adults) learn better when they aren’t hungry.

Click the links below for more specific information on each of the trainings we offer.

Engaging Youth

Creating Curriculum for After School Programs

Creating Safer Spaces for Youth

Being Out

Developing a Youth Mentoring Partnership