College Visits

Here is our revised college schedule:
Monday- no tour
Tuesday- Washtenaw community college (specifically culinary arts and criminal justice)
Wednesday-Kettering college (engineering/STEM)
Thursday – Wayne State
Friday- Bowling Green University (specifically their arts department)
If you are interested let Gail know- as soon as possible

Hi everyone!
We are taking trips to schools each day of the August 22-26 week. Please read below to find out more information. Each trip has a small cost per participant to cover gas. Everyone is welcome — priority goes to students in the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th grades.
There are many colleges and universities in the area and it would take several weeks to visit them all, so we chose five schools whose programs closely align with the dreams and goals of DTMAC participants. The first line of each shares the reason we chose the school.
Schoolcraft College – Livonia, MI (30 minutes away)
DTMAC participants have expressed interest in culinary, cosmetology, construction, and manufacturing programs — Schoolcraft has these programs and more. This school also has many liberal arts and science programs, business, public safety, criminal justice, health professions, and much more. We are visiting on August 22nd. This trip costs $5/participant.
Oakland University – Rochester, MI (1 hour away)
A main reason we are going to Oakland is because it has an Ethics Bowl team, and at the tournament in February, an instructor offered a team member a scholarship to attend Oakland University if he would be on the team. This school has many programs, including liberal arts, sciences, public safety, nursing, and social work. We are visiting on August 23rd. This trip costs $10/participant.
Kettering University – Flint, MI (1 hour away)
This is school is all about engineering, so DTMAC youth interested in engineering: look no further. Kettering offers programs in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering, and more. We are visiting on August 24th. This trip costs $10/participant.
Baker College – Flint, MI (1 hour away)
This is another option for youth interested in nursing, culinary arts, public safety, auto/mechanics, and more. The school is a career college, so it focuses on applicable skills and career training programs such as those listed above, as well as engineering, education, human services, transportation, and more. We are visiting August 25th. This trip costs $10/participant.
Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green, OH (1 hour away)
This school also has lots of programs, but the main reason we are going is because of its extensive list of 3D and 2D art programs — 2D programs: painting and drawing, photography, printmaking (including digital art). 3D programs: ceramics, glass, jewelry and metals, and sculpture. It also has a full range of liberal arts, sciences, engineering, business, social work, education, mechanics, and health professions programs, and much more. This trip costs $10/participant.
For a full list of programs of each school, or a list of schools that offer a certain program or major, please contact us.
If you’re interested in visiting these colleges with us, please contact us.
Have a good weekend!
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