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Does education reform have a place in the Black Lives Matter movement?

During a discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement, Ypsilanti youth activists ages 14-20 were asked, “Does education reform have a place in the Black Lives Matter movement?”

Here are their responses.

“These issues are major fundamental problems. Schools in many primarily Black communities are terrible and even not there. Providing education to all is important. Quality of education is important. Quality of faculty and the facilities are extremely important. If the Black Lives Matter movement can make any progress with this, then why not do it?”

“It is important that black lives are getting a good education. And they are getting similar resources as other schools. Black Lives Matter is about equality for black lives and that includes education.”

“Agree, because positively reforming education for African American students and all students sets them up for a successful future. Black boys and girls being well-educated allows them to fulfill greater, more influential positions of power and create a positive impact on society and black culture.”

“I believe education reform should be part of the Black Lives Matter movement because the current education system disadvantages People of Color, and especially African American people.”

“I agree, blacks need a good education just like a white person. Blacks get judged harder than whites as it is. It should also get changed for the better. Blacks are judged more harshly than whites, and the fact that black people don’t get as good of an education creates more judgement against them.”

“I agree that education reform belongs in the Black Lives Matter because black lives – all lives, for that matter – depend on a good education. There is more to everybody’s life than just police shootings. If you’re going to start a movement, [you should] cover many bases, not just one.”

“Education reform belongs in ‘Black Lives Matter’ like many other things. This is because ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t just about the killing of black beings, but better opportunities too because we deserve that just as much as any other race. One main way to give us better opportunities is better education.”

“I agree that education reform should be discussed with Black Lives Matter because we black people are not taught the same things that other people are taught. We think we understand what we are taught but the way we are taught I feel there isn’t enough education, we are not taught what we should be learning.”