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Hello, My name is Kwaylin Coats and I am a freshman at Ypsilanti Community High school. Im The Oldest out of all my siblings. Im currently staying with my mom & two little brothers . My favorites are and movies , Hanging out with my friends “fab four”. I am a singer,dancer , and do part time modeling for John Casablancas Modeling Agency.

I have a job, I am apart of the Hope Scholarship program. I first started off by coming once in the summer with a friend of mine, Zar-Reia, to an Dedicated To Make A Change event. On my first day I came just to check everything out and to see if I liked it. Everybody here was just really kind and friendly to me, I felt welcomed. Now were back in school and working with the Hope Scholarship Program. Everyday after school, I come to the Clubhouse to work. We do lots of fun things here, but I’m also learning while having fun and getting paid . I’m really glad to have met Gail, she is helping me out a lot with learning how to be a successful young lady.


K- karate was a big part of my life when I was younger

W- when i was grow up i want to be successful

A-Attitude is a huge thing I have to work on

Y- yellow is a color that best fits me

L- love is my most strongest trait

I- Intelligent girls , are always the best ones

N- Not Trying , is always the worst mistake .


A picture of Kwaylin to accompany her introduction


My experience, at Prejudice to Pride struggles for Equality and how the LGBT community is affected by bullying, homelessness, and the legal system, was I learned things I did not know.  I had a good time. The day  wasn’t boring but at the same time it wasn’t super exciting. Being there taught me somethings but not much because I already knew most of what was being talked about. The topics where: Bullying, and that subject was talked about by Gail Wolkoff and Jim Toy. They talked about how bullying is bad. She shared it is the adults responsibility to protect youth.  I think bullying is bullying, cyber bullying included, is awful.

The second topic was homeless. Heather Steenrod talked about the work of the Ozone House and how they protect kids. She also talked about LGBTQ kids and the percentages of them with no home. I’ve been to the Ozone House in Ypsilanti and it was a good safe place to be.

Lastly, Bethany and Scott T. Jason talked to us about legal rights. Bethany talked to us about health rights and Scott talked to us about taxes.  I was falling asleep because what they were saying did not have anything to do with me.

The best part of the day was the cookies! I got to bring a plate of cookies and fruit home with me.

Zar-Reia Brand